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Berikut jenis paragraf berdasarkan letak gagasan umumnya, kecuali?

Berikut jenis paragraf berdasarkan letak gagasan umumnya, kecuali?

  1. Paragraf deduktif
  2. Paragraf induktif
  3. Paragraf campuran
  4. Paragraf naratif
  5. Semua jawaban benar

Jawaban: D. Paragraf naratif.

Dilansir dari Ensiklopedia, berikut jenis paragraf berdasarkan letak gagasan umumnya, kecuali paragraf naratif.

Baca Juga  Edo : There is nobody at home most of the day. Both my mother and my father go to work, and the children go to school. But we usually have breakfast and dinner together. We do not only eat, but we also talk, chat, and tell jokes. Both my mom and my dad are very good cooks. My father often makes fried noodle and fried rice for breakfast, with lots of vegetable and egg or chicken. My sister and I make the table and clean the dishes after the meals.Beni : Udin, Edo, and I go home straight away after school. We do not go to wrong places in our uniforms. Sometimes we go out in the afternoon for extracurricular activities. In our free time, we often ride on a bicycle around the town together. We sometimes swim in the river. The water is still clean and clear. We also play football together, very often.Siti : Udin, Edo, and Beni are always together. They play together. They also exercise together. I like seeing them so close to each other. Lina, Dayu, and I are their close friends, too. The six of us often do our homework together. We practice English together. We help each other and we learn from each other. We also know each other’s family very closely.From the texs, we know that?

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