Berikut yang termasuk besaran turunan adalah?

Berikut yang termasuk besaran turunan adalah?

  1. Panjang, gaya, waktu
  2. Massa jenis, Gaya, Volume
  3. Gaya, usaha , massa
  4. Kecepatan, panjang, wwaktu
  5. Semua jawaban benar

Jawaban: B. Massa jenis, Gaya, Volume.

Dilansir dari Ensiklopedia, berikut yang termasuk besaran turunan adalah massa jenis, gaya, volume.

Baca Juga  I havea best friend. His name is Arkan. Arkan is my classmate. He is tall and a bit fat. He has a curly hair. He wears a pair of glasses. His hobby is reading and playing Play Station. When we have spare time, we always play PS together. We usually play it in the afternoon from three to four. Arkan is the same age as I am. He is thirteen years old. Most of friends like Arkan. What does Arkan look like?

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