Pencipta lagu Hari Merdeka adalah?

Pencipta lagu Hari Merdeka adalah?

  1. Ibu Sud
  2. H. Mutahar
  3. Simanjuntak
  4. WR Supratman
  5. Semua jawaban benar

Jawaban: B. H. Mutahar.

Dilansir dari Ensiklopedia, pencipta lagu hari merdeka adalah h. mutahar.

Baca Juga  The following dialogue is for questions number 17 to 20 Irvan: Do you have any plan tomorrow at 4 p.m? Niko: No.Why do you ask about it? Irvan:I have two free tickets to see a mini concert at the town hall.Will you accompany me to attend the event? Niko: it sounds good.I will bring my camera.too Irvan:Okay.I will pick you up at 3.30 tomorrow . Who gets the extra tickets?

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