Tokoh yang menampilkan kebaikan adalah?

Tokoh yang menampilkan kebaikan adalah?

  1. Protagonis
  2. Tirtagonis
  3. Antagonis
  4. Hedonis
  5. analogis

Jawaban: AProtagonis.

Dilansir dari Ensiklopedia, tokoh yang menampilkan kebaikan adalah protagonis.

Baca Juga  Read the following text for this questions!Have you ever wondered how beautiful Japanese scenes are? Most of them are seen and dominated by the beauty cherry blossom. Cherry blossom has scientific name as Genus Prenus. It has been called as Sakura in Japan. Cherry blossom belongs to the Rosacea family.Now days, Cherry blossom is seen in some varieties such as; Yama Zakura, Oshima Sakura, America Sakura and many other types.The main characteristic of cherry blossom is on the way it grows. The flower grows earlier than the leaves. Cherry blossom have many colors. There are white, little pink, and red.Mostly cherry blossoms grow in moist low and highland. A place with a little bit moist and is protected from sunlight is best for its natural habitat. 26.The main idea of the second paragraph is?

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